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They have been taught, for instance, by the pharmaceutical

Why is it that God gets the credit when it

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Who do you think put the atoms here that make up the bodies of the doctors and nurses? Who do you think created the space and allowed the time in which all of these things play out?

canadian goose jacket What is sad is that doctors and nurses sometimes do things that are harmful, rather than helpful. They have been taught, for instance, by the pharmaceutical giants and the schools they fund, that chemo and radiation are good for “curing” cancer, when in fact they are poisons that Canada Goose sale can lead to more cancer. The love and compassion of the doctor or nurse are far more powerful than any physical action they take. Those same pharma companies have participated in outlawing actual cancer cures. Some doctors are finally becoming aware of this, but the news media is part of the same corporate machine that jealously guards their profit engine. canadian goose jacket

In many cases, the faith of the patient is insufficient to perform the healing, so they rely on the mechanical of continuity based reality. But there are instances when the mechanical damage is too much and no amount of physical canada goose deals effort can cure the injury or disease. That’s when faith and the power of creation come into play. When the patient walks out of the hospital whole, days or weeks later, the doctors and nurses are amazed. Little that they did had anything to do with the miracle they observe.

When a patient places their faith in the mechanical, then they can only receive mechanical possibilities (surgery, chemicals, radiation, etc). But when a patient Canada Goose online puts their faith in the source of all things, then the possibilities are infinite.

And some people do not know how to pray. If they “believe” canada goose coats in God, but remain fearful when they “pray,” they will receive the object of that fear prolonged illness or death. But if they feel perfect peace and confidence when they ask God for a healthy body, the potential cheap Canada Goose of which is vibrating within them, they will receive health and disease doesn’t stand a chance.

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No one would deny that nurses and doctors work really hard. In my experience, gratitude is very small, if any. So I am not sure that we should be looking for this. “Peace begins when expectation ends” Sri Chinmoy.

The other thing is that it seems obvious that you feel that canada goose outlet you are doing all the work. I am writing with love here, but this is what in Yoga we call ‘body consciousness’. The ‘I’ and ‘my’ is very strong in human life. canada goose store If we can see ourselves as the Soul or an instrument in the hands of Something Higher, then this body conscious is minimised, and we will stop looking for rewards. Expectations always bring goosesea.com suffering, as humans will not behave in the way we wish them to.

canada goose “Do not try to change the world, you will fail. canada goose

uk canada goose Try to love the world, lo, the world is changed, changed forever.” Sri Chinmoy. uk canada goose

Canada Goose Outlet Finally, in my experience, it is usually the other way around. Doctors take the credit or patients and relatives give them the credit in the majority of canada goose cases. Still, I see so many cases where the individual is given two days, six months, etc to live, and somehow it did not happen and they are still alive. Canada Goose Outlet

uk canada goose outlet Human beings are merely instruments. It is the Higher Light operating in and through us, that does the work. Let us give praise or adoration. uk canada goose outlet

buy canada goose jacket I think there’s a due answer canadian goose jacket for the other side of the coin alongside some good and informative answers in this thread. buy canada goose jacket

Sometimes doctors, nurses and care takers are not given enough credit for what they’ve done. Controversial case of North Korean eyesight cure being credited to the NK leaders instead of the surgeons that performed the surgery. Draw a parallel here and nothing has changed. Some religions downright deny the help of the medical world. Case in hand with Bob Marley instead of following doctor’s advice, he rejected it due to religious belief, which eventually caused his untimely death.

Doctors and all those who participated in the process of healing the patient should be given all the credits they deserve doctors, nurses, family and friends, hospital admin people, 911 operators, ambulance driver, the people who invented all those resuscitation machines medicine and so on. Those are the people who we should really be thankful of.

cheap canada goose uk I’m being the “devil’s advocate” here, no pun intended. cheap canada goose uk

Canada Goose sale I do give a lot of credit to doctors and nurses, and to anyone else who’s acts benefit the sick. Canada Goose sale

canada goose clearance But no body every healed due solely to the work of a doctor or nurse. The body is not a machine, but a living organism, capable of healing itself. And that life energy and self healing intelligence (whether we call it God, or by some other name) is worthy of appreciation, as well. canada goose clearance

canada goose coats And the many case I know of incurable illnesses being healed cases where doctors and nurses could not help there, too, credit to the healing power of Life itself. canada goose coats

If my car broke down, and then got up and running again. I would be grateful to the mechanic. I would also be grateful to the designer and builder of the car, for they made a machine that could be repaired. And I would be grateful to the power inherent in gasoline, as well.

canada goose store In Aristotelian terms, the actions of doctors and nurses can often be the proximate causes of healing, but they are never the sole causes. canada goose store

Let us give credit and gratitude to all.

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This is something that annoys me. Many believers say that God gave them the ability or they wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the God. When in actuality the parents gave them the ability in one way or another. First by creating them, then by bringing them up in a way (not always good) that sends them on their canada goose black friday sale course for life. Even if I believed in God I don’t see any reason to ever give credit away to a canada goose coats on sale God, who for the most part (if real) produced people and then abandoned them to their own “free will”. So if God does not stop “free will” there is canada goose clearance no ability to have any say in buy canada goose jacket cheap what profession someone chooses to be in.

If anything the parents (or caregiver) and the school who taught the doctor should be credited.

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Canada Goose Jackets I am so grateful for doctors and nurses. I have a lot of Canada Goose Parka respect for them. I have received great Canada Goose Outlet medical treatment in the past. I have also experienced a miracle in which the doctors couldn’t explain Canada Goose Jackets.