Reconstructive surgery of the limbs (Prepheral Nerve Repair) that the sensory nerves of the extremities. This product can be cut off at certain intervals (1-3 cm) should be used

Direct Suturing

In this way, if the distance between two nerve was cut less than 20mm> Two nerve directly to the Bakhyh (Suture) and is connected to. This method is associated with unwanted side effects


In this way a vein veins of the body (eg leg) nerve is removed and stitches are cut into it. Side effects and complications of the surgery include

Requires two surgical stages to achieve the required result

Nerve pain and inflammation


For distances between 20-30 mm is proposed that the new product made Ganyks called NEROLAC (Nrvlak) should be used

The advantages of this product

      • Ideal for tension and tension between the two severed nerve
      • Support axonal protective coating SCs
      • Direct protection of the stitches and damaged or stressed tissue
      • Prevent the growth of fibrous tissue
      • Reduce swelling and nerve masses

Nrvlak a synthetic absorbable composition that is transparent and for tubes in various diameters from 1.5 mm to 10 mm is made

This product within 24 months (two years) is completely absorbed and converted into carbon dioxide and water